Homemade air conditioner diy

Homemade air conditioner diy-How to make air conditioner not electric using Plastic Bottle-EcoCooler

homemade air conditioner freshener extremely simply by cardboard, plastic bottles. To create a homemade air conditioner conditioning you do not need electricity cut off the bottom half of the bottle, top of bottle caps (allows air to circulate), drill holes in the cardboard, put the bottle in, fixed back with lid.

When mounting a homemade air conditioner, conditioner onto the window of the house, pay attention to the bottom of the bottle to more than outward.

During the testing process, homemade air conditioner proved effective when the temperature dropped to about 5 ° C room Working principle eco cooler conditioning homemade hot air from the outside, it will become compressed in the neck bottles becoming cooler before entering the room.

This is similar to when you blow air through your mouth. If you open your mouth, breathed out will see the hot air exhaled. However, if the lips blowing cycle, the air temperature will be lower.

Summer season had never been easy going in South Asian nations such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This season is also considered to be the hottest time in these nations.

For people who are living in huts, rural villages, and inadequate habitation, this season turns out to be troublesome and has to go through this hectic summer season being scorched with sweltering heat.

This summer there has been a gradual increase in the mercury levels due to the searing heat waves which took over many parts of the India and Bangladesh, killing hundreds of people and making lives uncomfortable for others.

People living in poor habitations, drought affected villages were conceived to be the worst-hit as their profession demands them to work in the sun for the most part of the day, following the ground reports. Heat waves have created a havoc in rural areas at large scale due to crop failures, power outages and poor water reserves.

The majority of people live in tin huts in Rural Bangladesh for whom living in their houses was a troublesome during summer as most of the times temperatures go over 45° celsius.

Bangladesh Grey Dhaka and Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. developed The Eco Cooler to address this issue, which is probably world’s first zero-electricity homemade air conditioner made from plastic bottles.

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