How Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Are Better Than The Traditional Ones

Environmentally friendly cleaning products, also known as green cleaners, are better than their traditional counterparts in many ways. Probably the most important reason is that they are better for your health. As their name implies they are better for the environment because they do not contain chemicals. The same dangerous chemicals that are bad for the earth are also bad for the human body.

Recent research has begun to link many health conditions to toxic exposure. Not all of this exposure comes from cleaners, much of it comes from the foods we consume and the air we breathe. There are also some naturally present elements that are harmful to humans. One example of this would be radon gas. Radon is released from the ground rock and can accumulate in homes. Everyone should be aware of the simple test available at hardware stores to check for high levels of radon.

Indoor air pollution is a problem that has been gaining a lot of publicity in recent years. It refers to poor air quality found inside a home, office, school, or other building. Many people are surprised to find that the air they breathe all day and night can be contaminated with numerous harmful substances. These can aggravate or even trigger conditions such as asthma.

Using green cleaners is a huge first step toward improving the indoor air quality of any home. Homeowner should also be aware of some of the typical products used around the home that are responsible for much of the problems. Any type of high pressure canned spray product should not be used. These items typically contain a significant number of harmful ingredients. In addition the spray remains in tiny particles that distribute themselves over a large area. They are then easily inhaled by everyone in the home, including young children.

Store bought air fresheners should also be avoided. They often contain not only chemicals but also petroleum products. Instead of making the air smell better, they simply block receptors in the nasal passages. It is better to regularly open windows to allow the air to circulate. Cooking smells can be easily be vented in this way.

Anyone concerned about their families health should look into the benefits of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Their indoor air quality will immediately be improved. They will be able to breathe easier and not have to be concern about their family being exposed to harmful substances or an accident with a dangerous product.

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